For the first time, you will be able to analyse data on the operations of 200 large global mining companies all conveniently presented as structured data in one Microsoft© Excel© file. allergy relief. Our research has shown that mining companies, equity analysts, the media and suppliers to the sector want raw data for their own internal analysis and therefore our analysts have compiled an unprecedented data set including mining company contact details, organisation structure, asset performance, social licence, and five-year financials.
200 Companies

Index – Alphabetically sorted table of sheets with hyperlinks
Summary – Sheet specifications including cell sums and row references
Company Contact Details – Offices, phones, faxes, emails, websites
Structure – Board/Executive/Manager names, titles, emails, salaries, fees, benefits
Performance – Division type, production, resource, reserve
Social Licence – Carbon, energy, water, waste, health & safety, community
Financials – Five-year comprehensive income and balance sheet, change in equity, cash flows

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